Installation Instruction for Demonstration Releases

The MEVIS demonstration versions are executable at the Microsoft operating systems WINDOWS 3.1x, WINDOWS 95 or WINDOWS NT. There are no special demands to the host computer, but the operating systems should run speedy.

All demonstration releases were originally built for the installation from disks. To create an installation disk follow the instructions below.

After installation the MEVIS application will be started automatically. The functionality of the demonstration release complies to the corresponding commercial release, however you can not adding own data to the demonstration database.

Please read the readme (*_text.txt) and help (mevis.hlp) files of the applications for further information.

Start the de-installation program to remove the MEVIS demonstration files and paths.


Hint for WINDOWS NT User:

Sometimes it happens, that compressed files will not be completely expanded.
You realise this malfunction on runtime errors of MEVIS or empty value tables.

In this case please