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The UMAD Umweltmesstechnik- und Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft mbH (environment measuring technique and data processing limited liability company) was founded in 1992.

Our main sphere of business is software engineering for collecting, processing, storage and presentation of environmental data in monitoring stations and monitoring centres.
Therefore, we designed the program system MEVIS with a wide variety of options, matching differing customer demands in meteorology, air pollution measuring, radiology and hydrology.

When MEVIS was started in 1992 for permanently official supervision of the research reactor in the HAHN MEITNER Institute in Berlin, MEVIS was the first WINDOWS application for such a monitoring system in the environment measuring branch. Now more than 200 MEVIS applications are working in Germany, Switzerland, India, Spain, France, Greece and Russia. That's why you can also get MEVIS versions in English, Spanish and Russian language.

We have reached by sophisticated methods, that all systems run at WINDOWS with a very high availability.

Special MEVIS highlights are the automatic report generation (as RTF- or HTML-File) and the automatic transmission of warning or data messages via fax, pager or short message services in GSM networks.

Besides MEVIS we have made other software in a wide range, for example a conversion program between geographic co-ordinates or an organiser for pager systems.

In addition to software developing our firm prepares environmental information like emissions registers, plans to keep air clean or data presentations in the Internet.

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